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By Nina

Types of Single Tails:

    • Snake Whips
    • Signal Whips
    • Dragon's Tongues/Tails    
    • Bull Whips

single tail

Anatomy of a Single Tail:

    • Handle
    • Fall
    • Thong
    • Cracker

Throwing Techniques:

    • Recommended stance
    • Side-to-Side
    • Over-the-Head
    • Underhanded
    • Special Stuff for Special Kids: Florentine

Safety Precautions:

    Setting Up
        • Make sure the area around you is clear; hitting objects or people throws off your aim
        • Employ a spotter to keep the area of your back swing clear if needed
        • If you use an overhand throw, check the ceiling clearance as well
        • You will hit yourself when you practice; dress appropriately    

        • Make sure the area is clear
        • Practice on inanimate objects at first
        • Check your cracker periodically for knots and wear

        • Don't claim expertise you don't possess            
        • Don't focus on how loud the crack is; your aim is what's important            
        • Don't swing a whip without checking your distance and clearance

This presentation is not intended to be your own source of information about single tails. Please research and practice to learn the techniques that work best for you and your partner. I am not responsible for the health and safety of you or your partner. 


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