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By Norische

Part One: The Beginners Guide

Part Two: The Safety Guide

Part Three: Fact VS Fallacy: The Violet Wand

Part Four: Techniques For The Violet Wand

Part Five: The Advanced Techniques For The Violet Wand

Part Six: The Website Guide to The Violet Wand



Part I

The Beginners Guide to The Violet Wand

For centuries man has been fascinated by electricity; the mystical, magical illusion of power and fire all rolled into one tangible source. Since 1745 when Georg Von Kleist discovered that this wondrous power could actually be controlled, man has been on an amazing journey of discovery and wonderment. Inventers every since have been attempting to harness the power of electricity; scientist have theorized and hypothesized on the true nature of that which has held a world mesmerized for generations. Since the discovery of electricity humanity has been in a constant state of chaos and change, each new invention has added to the comforts we now take for granted.

Within this interesting adventure we have found a whole new level of sadism. With the discovery of electricity came the invention of the Tesla Coil, and as a result the Violet Wand.

Nikola Tesla, a Croatian born in 1856, invented a high-frequency transformer called the Tesla Coil, which made AC power transmission practical. In 1896 a Dr. Frederick Finch Strong lectured to his colleagues at the Boston Medical Society about the therapeutic value of high frequency electricity; at that time his colleagues scoffed at his proposal, but within twenty years his proposal blossomed into the Violet Ray. By 1919 Renulife, a company from Detroit, Michigan was manufacturing and distributing this extraordinary cure all device to hundreds of well-equipped doctor’s offices throughout the country. By the mid 20’s to 30’s the Violet Ray Generator could be found in many homes, and was even being manufactured over seas as well as here in America. As this wondrous device found its way in to more and more homes, new manufactures began experimenting with the idea and new versions of the Violet Ray became available; one of which was the Violet Wand. The Violet Ray consisted of a generator box that was attached to a hand held unit, in short, a wand. With persistence and a little ingenuity, engineers managed to create a method in which the bulky generator could be eliminated, leaving only the hand held section, hence a new era…the Violet Wand. However, their success was short lived; when the medical miracle of the century failed to produce the expected results people stopped buying. The Violet Wand was viewed as having only limited medical uses and hence was discarded by the medical community.

In 1951, a libel suit was filed against the Master Electrical Company (one of the last manufactures of the violet wand medical device left in existence) for misbranding its devices as a medical cure for various diseases. The court ordered the devices to be turned over to the Food and Drug Administration as contraband. At this point the Violet Wand became a rarity within the United States; foreign companies were able to circumvent the ruling and continued to manufacture violet wand kits and expanded on the variety of attachments available.

It was a renown psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce that ignited the resurgence of the Violet Wand during the 60’s and 70’s. During his readings Edgar Cayce recommended the use of the Violet Wand over 800 times, as a form of treatment for a wide variety of disorders. During his readings the primary purpose of this device was to stimulate circulation and assist with certain skin ailments.

It wasn’t until much later that the Violet Wand became a absolute must for every well equipped dungeon, with a little sadistic laughter and a whole lot of imagination the Violet Wand danced its way into the hearts and souls of every sadist (and masochist) in America.

A Violet Wand is a disruptive discharge coil design based on the Tesla coil, with a tightly wound primary magnet coil connected to a vibrating resonator, high voltage capacitor and a separate secondary coil. This wondrous device transforms ordinary household electricity into a high voltage, high frequency, and low amperage electrical energy output. The high frequency of the output of the electrical charge ranges between 400 – 500 KHZ, a set of frequencies that coincidentally human nerves do not feel once it enters the body, passing through it just under the range of radio high frequencies. The Violet Wand also emits a small amount of Ultraviolet light at the point of the spark, and a good quantity of ozone. These devices may have a voltage upwards of 30,000 Volts.
Basically the Violet Wand is a device that manipulates standard household current into a controllable and entertaining static discharge.

The wand itself is generally made of a durable plastic; the electrodes can be made of glass or metal. The wand is created in such a manner as to allow an electrode to be inserted into one end; these electrodes are interchangeable and simply slip in and out as desired. Most glass electrodes have a steel or brass tip that is inserted into the wand. European electrodes have a standard size of 11mm, American electrodes have a standard size of 7/16 inches; this is something good to know when you are buying electrodes. Also the majority of European models use 220 not 110 like in America so you will have to purchase a converter if you buy your wand from Europe.

The electrodes themselves are gas filled glass tubes, created in a wide variety of designs. The vast majority of the glass electrodes are filled with argon gas, which turns purple when exposed to a high voltage, hence the name Violet Wand. There are other gases that are used that can create other colors but the argon gas is definitely the most common.

One thing that I would like to mention is that since the violet wand is a single outlet device, it is the safest electrical device to use on the market at this time. The Folsum and the TENS units are dual electrode units, where electrical currents runs from point A to point B, these units tend to be more risky and are frequently used improperly. Specifically, individuals will place one electrode on each nipple and turn the unit on; one thing that is a law of electricity that everyone should know is that the current will follow the path of least resistance; and hence the least resistance is straight through the heart in this circumstance. The Violet Wand is the only electrical unit that can be used with a reasonable amount of safety above the waist; this is of course may be done if basic safety precautions are followed.  

You can buy a nice Violet Wand new for between 250.00 and 450.00, depending on the number of accessories you purchase with the unit. Most electrodes run between 30.00 and 90.00, although some of the more unique antique ones may run as much as 250.00. The body probe normally runs around 60.00 to 80.00 dollars.
If you buy an older model you run the risk of getting a unit that is not electrically sound, before you use it on someone you should definitely have it checked out. This is one area that common sense should prevail. Remember electricity is nothing to play with, learn about your equipment, and make sure it is in good condition. Before you use an electrode make sure there are no cracks or sharp edges to it, you don’t want to hurt someone by accident when you are trying to hurt them on purpose.

Make sure that you follow all safety precautions when you use a violet wand. This would include the type of surge protector or extension cord to use, where and how long to use the unit. I know it is a little redundant but a little common sense can help you avoid a big doctor bill later on.  

The Violet Wand is the safest electrical device that is available on the market at this time, but this does not mean it can be used recklessly without consequences.

When using the violet wand make sure you start at the lowest setting, you want your sub/slave’s eyes to be open wide not to be bugged out of their head.

If you want to restrain your sub/slave, please keep in mind that there will be muscle contractions when you use the Violet Wand. Therefore, do not put the restraints on too tight or make them too restrictive, this may lead to unnecessary injuries.

It is reasonably safe to use a Violet Wand anywhere on the body except on the eyes; for you sub/slave safety keep at least three inches away from the eyes. Also until you are familiarized with the use of the Violet Wand it is best to restrict the use of the Violet Wand to below the waist.

You will find that when you place the electrode directly on the skin that the shock will be rather mild, so for the most interesting reactions keep the electrode approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch above the skin. This will create a spark gap that will allow the tiny lighting bolts to jump from the wand to the skin surface.

Keep in mind that these wondrous lightning bolts can cause micro-burns on the surface of what ever they make contact with. Some individuals state that the spark from the Violet Wand never penetrates the surface of the skin, due to a phenomenon called the skin effect. According to some individuals, the high frequency of the violet wand produces a magnetic field that polarizes the electrons within the electric discharge. Since the electrons are similarly charged they will naturally repulse each other and hence dissipate across the surface of the skin and not penetrate the skin. However, this theory does have some flaws to it, in reality the electric discharge actually penetrates the skin approximately .075 centimeters.

Also something to be aware of is that the very same electric charge that can penetrate skin, can also penetrate silk, cotton, vinyl, rubber, even leather. So make sure that the area you are planning on using the violet wand at is either bare or you are not too picky about the clothing that is on your victim, Also remember any rubber, vinyl or polyester can melt and so it may actually burn your subject more than intended.

You now have an idea about the history of the violet wand, what it is and a brief glimpse at how to use it.  These are your first steps into the fabulously sadistic world of the violet wand. Before you take that second step, I suggest you familiarize yourself will all the safety issues involved with the use or misuse of a Violet Wand.

Part II

The Safety Guide to The Violet Wand

Violet wands are definitely one of the most desirable toys available; however, they can also be quite dangerous if used incorrectly. Safety is an absolute must when it comes to using a violet wand. While some things come with common sense, most of the things you should know come with experience. Unfortunately, trial and error with a violet wand can be painful and even dangerous, so I have compounded a few hints and tips on the safe use of a violet wand.

When I started searching through the Internet for information on the Violet wand, I was shocked at some of the careless disregard for safety. One site had instructions on how to go to your local hardware store and Radio Shack and get all the pieces to make your own electric shock device…they even gave detailed instructions on how to put it together. One of the first safety tips I will give you is, unless you have a degree in electrical engineering, don’t mess around with electricity. As far as electricity is concerned there may not be a second chance when you make a mistake.

The following list of safety issues and concerns are designed for the beginner or novice electrical player, as you become more familiar with your unit and with your partner you will find some of these suggestions are unnecessary even irrelevant. So if you are an experienced player with electrical play do not get offended, remember you too were once a newbie on the block.  

As with any electrical device do not use a violet wand outside during a storm, and to be on the safe side do not use during a lightning storm whether inside or outside.

1. Check your equipment before each use; a frayed cord or loose connection can lead to some shocking experiences.

2. Like all electrical devices, keep away from water.

3. Make sure that if you are using this device on carpet that the carpet is dry; sometimes in humid areas the carpet may be damp, so please check your area before you start to play.

4. Electricity can arc between the violent wand and any metal surface, so watch out for things like low light fixtures, or chains hanging from the ceiling, also keep an eye out for metal drawer handles or door knobs they tend to sneak up on you as well.

5. Make sure that the electrode is firmly in place, “arcing” from a loose electrode can cause a serious burn or the electrode may fall and break.

6. Make sure the electrode is in good condition, check it for hairline cracks, and ruff edges.

7. Make sure the unit is turned off when you plug it in, and make sure that it is at the lowest setting when you start.

8. If you use an extension cord, make sure that you know where the cord is and that you do not trip over the cord.

9. If you are using an extension make sure it can handle power that will be going through it, and make sure it has a ground fault interrupter (GFI) built in as well.

10. Some units are more powerful than others; depending on age, make, model, and manufacturer; so make sure you are familiar with the device you are using before you try it out on someone.
11. Do not use glass electrodes internally; even though some of the older electrodes state they are for internal use, they are still made of blown glass and can shatter quite easily. There are specially designed electrodes that are specifically designed for safe internal use.

12. Do not put electrodes in the dishwasher, they will shatter…it is best to use a cool damp washcloth to clean them with. You can even shatter the electrodes just by using hot tap water…remember they are fragile. There are special solvents that you can use to clean the electrodes with, that are non-abrasive and will not harm the electrode. I suggest you contact the manufacturer of your specific violet wand (if possible) and ask what they recommend for sanitary cleaning of the electrodes.

13. Do not use a violet wand on anyone with a pacemaker or with chronic heart problems.

14. Do not use on or near any internal metal, such as a total knee replacement, those pins and tiny metal pieces make great conductors and can cause some serious burns.

15. Do not use on or near the eyes.

16. Do not use above the waist. Once you become proficient with the techniques and use of the violet wand it may be used above the waist with a reasonable amount of safety, but for general purposes keep the electricity away from the heart.

17. Do not use on any one with a seizure disorder, or history of epilepsy…the flicking lights or strobe effect of the violet wand may trigger a seizure.

18. Use discretion when using a violet wand on someone who is diabetic. Circulation may be an issue, also individuals with diabetes tend to burn quickly, heal slowly, and scar quite a bit. Also if an accident happens, diabetics tend to get infections more readily do to the length of time it takes an injury to heal.

19. Do not wear rings or metal jewelry while using the violet wand; you might be in for quite an unexpected shock.

20. Do not use around body jewelry or piercing. Some references stated that you could take out the metal jewelry and replace it with the little plastic pieces, however I do not recommend that course of action…remember plastic melts, and if it is melting while lodged inside a nipple or Prince Albert then an untimely trip to the emergency room may be necessary.

21. Do not wear polyester, nylon or plastic clothing…it may melt the fabric. Do not use on any clothing with metal threads unless you use a little common sense, if you touch the wand in one place the electrical charge will pass through all portions of the clothing through the metal threads.

22. Do not use the violet wand near metal zippers, snaps or fasteners, this also include the under wires from brassieres.
23. Never sharply increase the current, build slowly and learn your sub’s limits.

24. Do not use the violet wand on anyone with skin problems, such as sunburn, heat rash, melanoma, or moles, warts, or open skin (cuts).

25. Remember that the violet wand will ignite flammable liquids, for example cologne, perfume, hair spray, aerosol underarm deodorant, antibacterial soap, and alcohol.

26. Do not bind your partner too tightly when you intend to do electrical play. The sub or slave may jerk or twist in such a manner that they may injure themselves if they are bound to tightly. Strained muscles and a dislocated shoulder are painful and may very well put a dampener on playtime.

27. Do not use any form of illicit drugs, or consume any alcohol prior to doing electric play.

28. Always have a verbal as well as non-verbal Safeword, this will guard against any unfortunate mistakes.

29. Do not expose any single area for any length of time, the violet wand does use ultraviolet rays and can cause some serious burns if caution is not observed.

30. I always suggest that you try out any new toy on your self before you try it on someone else, but this is one time that you should definitely have someone else there that knows how (and when) to shut off the current.

31. To help prevent breakage push the electrode into the unit straight, and pull it out straight, do not screw it in… this will put undue stress on the electrode.

32. Wax capacitor wands should be used for a maximum of 15 continuous minutes, and allowed to cool completely between uses.

33. Ceramic capacitor wands may be used for up to 20 minutes safely, extensive continuous uses will eventually burn out the unit.

34. The violet wand creates a low level magnetic field while in use. so do yourself a favor keep it away from sensitive electronics and magnetic media, including computers, computer disks, dvd’s, even credit cards.

35. Keep your hand away from the area where the electrode is inserted into the unit, if not you may find your self yelping and waving your hand around, not good for your Domly image. Also keep this area away from the skin of your target as well, the intensity of the shock is somewhat stronger than you may intend to give.

36. Do not use a violet wand in conjunction with a saran wrap mummification, remember the saran wrap is plastic and will melt, this will leave some nasty burns on your partner that you may not have intended to happen. I should mention that it has been pointed out to me that saran wrap is an insulator and it is very hard to burn or melt the plastic with a violet wand.

While I cannot cover every possible thing that might happen with a violet wand, I hope that I have given you a general idea of safety and the caution needed when you play with electricity.

Most of the injuries that have occurred when playing with a violet wand were basic lack of forethought.
• Strained or pulled muscles, dislocated joints even broken bones due to improper restraints during play.
• First degree burns due to over exposure or improper setting on the unit.
• First and second degree burns due to flammable liquids (hair spray) igniting.
• First and second degree burns due to improper use around body jewelry.
• Cardiac arrest due to a violet wand being use on an individual with a heart murmur.
• Lacerations due to a glass probe shattering while being used internally.
• While other injuries may occur while using a violet wand, the most common is definitely burns.

Burns from a violet wand may not appear for several minutes even hours after use, hence play safe. Do not assume that just because the skin is not discolored or not hot to the touch that you may safely go over the same spot over and over again. While the nipples are a wonderful temptation, burns on the tender flesh of the nipple are extremely painful and may limit other forms of recreation for several days.

If a burn does occur follow simple first aid procedures…


The severity of a burn depends upon its size, depth and location. Burns are most severe when located on the face, neck, hands, feet and genitals. Also, when they are spread over large parts of the body or when they are combined with other injuries.

Burns result in pain, infection and shock. They are most serious when the victims are very young or very old, or if the individual has complicating medical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, respiratory problems or if pregnancy is a possibility.

In order to care for a burn properly until medical attention can be received, you must first determine the degree of the burn. First, second and third degree burns are different and need to be treated as such.
FIRST DEGREE burns are superficial, burning only the outer layer of the skin. Symptoms include redness, tenderness, pain and mild swelling. Healing usually occurs in a week without scarring.
SECOND DEGREE burns are more serious. This type of burn penetrates the entire outer layer of the skin into the inner skin layer. The characteristics of a second-degree burn are the forming of blisters, swelling and fluids beginning to seep from the burned area. Severe pain accompanies these symptoms, because the capillary blood vessels in the skin are damaged.

THIRD DEGREE burns are the deepest. They may look white or charred, and extend through all skin layers. Victims of third degree burns may have severe pain -- or no pain at all -- if the nerve endings are destroyed.

To care for a first-degree burn you may relieve pain by immersing the burned area in cold water or by applying a wet, cold cloth. Continue applying cold water, on and off, until the area is pain free. This process can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Cold water not only relieves pain, it will actually stop the progression of the burn into deeper areas of tissue. In the event cold water is not available any type of cold, drinking liquid can be used. Do not use ice, as this may cause further damage to the skin.

You may also use ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory used to relieve pain and swelling. Acetaminophen can also relieve pain, but does not relieve inflammation.

• Do not use aspirin. Aspirin is a blood thinner and is never recommended for use of a burn victim.

• Since moistening the skin helps to relieve itching and peeling, you may also apply an aloe vera gel or moisturizer to the skin. Aloe vera is an effective analgesic.

A second-degree burn penetrates the entire outer layer of the skin into the inner skin layer. The characteristics of a second-degree burn are the forming of blisters, swelling and fluids beginning to seep from the burned area. Severe pain accompanies these symptoms, because the capillary blood vessels in the skin are damaged.

•Do not open the blisters on the skin of a burned area. The blister is nature’s way of providing a sterile; waterproof covering when a burn has damaged skin. Therefore, open blisters expose the burn victim to a much greater risk of infection.

• Again, immersing the burned area in cold water on and off for 10 to 45 minutes is recommended to relieve pain, as is the use of ibuprofen for pain and swelling.

• Additionally, it is recommended to elevate a burned extremity to reduce gravity-induced swelling. Though applying a thin layer of anti-biotic ointment to a burned area does not sterilize the area it may decrease the amount of bacteria that can enter an open burn.

• Do not apply butter or creams to the burned area.

• Do not alcohol or peroxide on the burned area.

• Do not scrub effected area, gently wipe the area with a soft (not fluffy) cloth.

• Do not pop any blisters.

If the burn is second or third degree please seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Also make sure that you inform your medical professional that the burn is an electrical burn the necessary treatment differs for the types of burns experienced, inform the professionals of all relevant information and allow them to make informed decisions.

Part III

Fact VS Fallacy: The Violet Wand

1. Ceramic core wands are better quality than wax core wands. Fallacy.
The fact is that violet wands contain no part that is known as a “core”. The basic setup consists of a tightly wound primary magnet coil connected to a vibrating resonator, high voltage capacitor and a separate secondary coil. Without getting long winded and technical, the capacitor is what individuals are referring to when they refer to either wax or ceramic core.

Wax capacitor wands have a capacitor that consists of two metal foil plates separated by a long length of waxed paper. This type of capacitor effectively stores the charge so that it builds up to arc between the plates and continue on to the second electrical coil. If continuous use is prolonged for an extended period of time, heat will build up and melt the wax off the paper. This begins to break down the capacitor and if this occurs to frequently the capacitor will not be able to “charge” the wand, and hence no electrical discharge will occur.

Ceramic capacitor wands perform the same way, but the capacitor is made out of a sliver of porcelain between the two plates. This enables the wand to operate for longer periods of time, but the fail-safe of the wax capacitor is removed. In short when a ceramic capacitor wand “burns out” it is the coil that fails not the capacitor.

Mylar capacitor wands are another form of wand. This type of capacitor will produce the weakest charge. However, do to the lower level of output, this form of capacitor will last a lot longer than either the ceramic or wax capacitors.
Polymer capacitor wands are another less frequently found form of wands. When this form of capacitor deteriorates, a small portion of the polymer will melt, as the wand cools it will re-solidify, repairing the capacitor.
The wax capacitor wands are no less in quality than any other form of capacitor wand. A wax capacitor wand should be restricted to no more than 15 minutes of continuous use, and be allowed to cool completely in between uses. A ceramic capacitor wand may be used up to 20 minutes continuously (some newer units state they may be used for up to 90 minutes), with out endangering the capacitor.

2. Violet wands are the medical miracle of the century. Fallacy.
Since the origin of the Violet Wand and Violet Ray, individuals have made medical assumptions about its use. To date there is no factual evidence that this device has any medical benefits or any substantiated medical claims to its name. In fact in 1951 a company by the name of Master Electric Company had a libel suit filed against them for misbranding their devices, claiming they were able to cure a wide variety of medical ailments ranging from premature balding to warts. Years later some companies attempted to make new claims to the medical uses of the Violet Wand, and were restricted from doing so. Therefore they followed the European idea and turned their attention on the sensual or sexual aspects of the device.

3. The electric charge from a Violet Wand does not penetrate the skin. Fallacy.
This claim originated by a distributor of the Violet Wand who wanted to rid any fears consumers might have as to the possible dangers associated with the use of the wand.  This idea was based on research focused on high voltage distribution that was outdated and not applicable to the human body.
There are two schools of thought about the high frequency current of the Violet Wand and its distribution in reference to the human body that I am familiar with.
The first theory states that the Violet Wand operates as an electro-static generator, and due to the very nature of such a device the current does not penetrate the skin.

”Violet Wands are the only electrical device that can be used above the waist. The electricity flows over body not through. The high-voltage low-amperage charge jumps from the electrode to spark against the skin.
Violet wands produce static electricity and ultraviolet radiation that is like the charge you get walking over dry carpeting and reaching for metal doorknob.”


This is a quote similar to many that I have found on the Internet, each claiming that the Violet Wand is safe to use due to it’s very nature.

This theory is based on the high frequency output of the tesla coil; according to some individuals, the high frequency of the violet wand produces a magnetic field that polarizes the electrons within the electric discharge. Since the electrons are similarly charged they will naturally repulse each other and hence dissipate across the surface of the skin and not penetrate the skin.

However, this theory does have some flaws to it, in reality the electric discharge actually penetrates the skin approximately .075 centimeters.  This is based on the resistivity of human skin. Hence the static electrical discharge from the Violet Wand causes micro-burns in the surface of the skin; since the skin is rather porous to begin with, in most cases the micro-burns go unnoticed. With prolonged exposure the skin may suffer some irritation or a surface burn of sorts similar to a sunburn.

The second theory is based on a scientific phenomenon known as the skin effect.

“The violet wand is safe for use anywhere on the body except in the vicinity of the eyes. This toy is low-amperage, high-voltage, high-frequency, single-ended, one-contact (with an "implicit" ground return through air/floor). This toy has more than enough current to stop a heart. But it won't, because… The violet wand generates a high frequency signal, which exhibits the "skin effect" -- the current stays near the surface of the conductor and does not flow through the center. With the violet wand the electrons are not penetrating into the body cavities, hence stimulating the heart is not at all likely.”


The phenomenon known as the skin effect was first explained by Lord Kelvin in 1887, and later explored further by Nikola Tesla. The skin effect is the tendency of a high-frequency current to distribute itself in a conductor so that the current density near the surface of the conductor is greater than that at its core. It causes the effective resistance of the conductor to increase with the frequency of the current.

However, this theory originally was in reference to the distribution of electrical current through metal, it was not formulated to include the resistivity of the epidermis, nor did it calculate effectively the conductivity of human tissue and bodily fluids. Hence this theory is not applicable.

Now I am not an Electrical Engineer so I may not have all the scientific information exact, and please forgive me if my interpretation of the information available is flawed.  If you would like to examine the information I gathered more closely I have a few links I think you will find helpful:

Skin Effect
From Wikioedia

The Skin Effect and Another Reason Why Tesla Coils Don’t Shock
By Don Klipstein

Skin Effect: It Doesn’t Apply in Violet Wands
By Uncle Abdul

Electroplay – or Playing With Electricity

Skin Effect
From Weik 1989

These are just a few of the references I found on this subject matter, if you would like a few more just let me know. I have based my comments on information gathered from these sources and others like them; if you have feel that my explanation was not complete or flawed in some way, feel free to email me privately and tell me, I am always looking for more information and new reference material.

4. The Violet Wand can be used safely above the waist. Fact.
This single statement has been the controversy of several arguments both online and between individuals. Some individuals state that no electrical play above the waist can be considered safe, no matter what type of electrical unit is used. Others say that with experience and the right safety precautions that you may use any type of unit, whether TENS, Folsom, or Violet Wand above the waist.

From my general experience and all the information I have found on this subject, as long as the current does not go near or through the heart there is little to no danger present. Of course a little common sense should be observed, avoid using any electrical device on someone with a pacemaker, or with predetermined heart problems. The only place that a Violet Wand should not be used is on the eyes, you should maintain at least three inches from the eyes at all times.

 I would recommend however, that if you are just learning your unit that you restrict yourself to the extremities. Slowly work your way to the more fun areas such as nipples, genitals, and ass.
As long as you use common sense there is no reason why you can’t have a wild and wonderful time with your Violet Wand and your sub/slave. Remember imagination is your friend.

5. Violet Wands cost a fortune and they are definitely not worth the price you pay. Fallacy.
You can get a good unit with three electrodes for less than three hundred dollars, and I have seen a matching pair of floggers go for more than that. The Violet Wand is a wonderful toy, and you can start reasonably inexpensive, if you go directly to through the manufacture you can pay between 165.00 for the unit alone (no electrodes) to over 600.00 for a unit with multiple electrodes.

My recommendation is to by a smaller unit, one with between one and three electrodes and buy the body contact probe attachment.

 This is one style of body contact probe; this one sells for around 45.00 to 100.00, depending on where you get it, how long you get the cord and if you buy it separately or if you are buying other items. After plugging the appropriate end into your unit simply place the other end of the Body Contact Probe firmly against your skin, this allows the electrical current to flow ‘through’ your body and into your slave/sub. You can use this electrode for indirect techniques (to send electricity through your touch), or in reverse techniques (wiring it up to your partner and ‘pulling’ the electrical current through them). You may use this probe with a wide variety of metal items and create wonderfully shocking effects, or for those fans of oral sex this probe is a must have!  

In my honest opinion a Violet Wand may be one of the pricier items in your toy bag but it will definitely end up one of your favorite.

Part IV

Techniques For The Violet Wand

The thin sheen of sweat on her body glistened as she stood there shivering in anticipation. With the blindfold on she could not see the soft glow of the violet wand reflecting off her glistening body, but she could hear the evil cackle of the wand echoing through the room. I allowed the anticipation to build to a distracting level, but wishing to wait no more I moved the glass orb close to her thigh. As the glowing orb approached her skin a fiery tendril reached out and touched her body. She jumped as this evil device lashed out, venting its rage on her poor innocent flesh. She cried out as the devilish tendrils abused her at their whim. Again and again her body jerked, each time her cries echoes around her, joining with the horrid crackling of this demon device. A moment of peace was short lived as she felt the cold metal of a knife presses against her skin, the momentary break from the torture of this demon’s bite was short but sweet. As the knife scraped across her skin she felt the spark of fire follow the blade, everywhere the blade touched electric flames jumped from the cold metal to her tender flesh. As the harsh chill of the metal touched her nipple, she could restrain herself no more. Begging for release, her body shook as it was racked with orgasm after orgasm, each touch of the blade forcing her farther and father toward that serene bliss that she so longed for. Finally when she thought she could stand no more, the evil sound was gone, silence filled the room…disturbed only by the whimpering coming from her own soul. Within seconds she was released from her bondage, her body going limp she crumbled, held by the gentle arms of her Mistress. “Thank you Mistress, oh god Thank You.” With that she fell into a euphoric bliss of her own universe.

The first thing that I must say is that imagination and a little creativity can go a long way with the violet wand. Scenes that would ordinarily be invigorating may now be shocking and exhilarating. The only limit you truly have to the amount of fun you can have with a violet wand is determined by how much of a sadist you truly are. The violet wand is definitely one of the most desirable toys available. Violet wands are incredibly versatile and can provide many different levels of intensity, techniques and sensations. This wonderful toy can provide anything from sensuous tingles to eye opening shocks; the sound and smell of the violet wand can drive the senses on a whirlwind adventure of fantasy and reality.  

Normally violet wands come in a kit form with one or more electrodes. Most electrodes are made from hand blown glass, although some of the more modern electrodes are being made from crystal. There are dozens of electrodes available and each one is unique in its own design. Most of the electrodes you will find on the common market glow purple (argon) but there are other colors like red (neon) and pink (mixed gases) even blue (unsure). The most common electrodes are the mushroom, the rake and the orb. One thing to keep in mind is that the larger the electrode the weaker the shock will be, the smaller, more focused the electrode the stronger the shock will be. There are also metal electrodes that are available, these are quite a bit sturdier than the glass electrodes and will provide a shock that is quite interesting as well. In fact the metal electrodes and some specific glass electrodes can be used to do temporary branding, but unless that is your intention to begin with…it is best to use the larger more genteel electrodes until you are more experienced.

 One electrode that I would say is an absolute must is called the body contact probe. This probe allows you to transfer the current from the violet wand through you (or any metal device in your possession) to your slave/sub.
With the addition of a body contact probe Pervertables take on a whole new flavor when it comes to the violet wand. Some things that you have never honestly considered using within a scene are now considered an absolute must for your toy bag or dungeon.

Here are just a few examples…

  • Dental pick
  • Banjo picks
  • All metal whisk
  • Candlesnuffer
  • Metal drywall trowel
  • Metal clothes pins
  • Christmas tree garland
  • Christmas tree tinsel
  • Metallic plant picks
  • Knife
  • Letter opener
  • Needles
  • Acupuncture needles
  • Metal hairbrush
  • Metal comb
  • Spoons
  • Metal meat tenderizer
  • Forks
  • Egg whisk
  • Shish kabob skewers
  • Metal medical hammer
  • Metal rolling pin
  • Crochet hooks
  • Knitting needles
  • Metal tape measure
  • Yardstick (metal)
  • Tinfoil
  • Chains
  • Warrensburg pinwheel
  • Pizza Cutter

These are just some of the interesting ideas you may use, but don’t stop there…use your imagination to the best of your ability.

Something that I must state is I highly recommend the purchase of a body probe if you do not already have one. This wonderful little device allows will expand your sadistic side as no other toy has ever done before. Shooting lighting bolts from your fingertips to your slave’s breasts, tracing the veins in her arm with an electrified knife…the possibilities never end. It also allows for some interesting oral participation, specifically if you ever wanted to make someone’s eyes bulge out… then go down on him or her while using a body probe.

Simply place the metal body probe firmly against your skin, (for example in the waistband of your jeans or hold it in your hand), then proceed to lick, kiss and bite to your hearts content. Where ever your mouth or tongue touches will receive an interesting little shock…gives a whole new meaning to putting the spark back into your sex life. Keep in mind while you are doing this that you will feel a slight shock just as your partner will, so do not do this for long periods of time or you will find that your lips may begin to tingle and may even go numb. If used excessively your lips and mouth may become extremely sensitive even painful for a few days. Just a word of warning, if you have chapped lips or cold sores…use your best judgment, I do not recommended the use of a Violet Wand on broken skin.  

Now that your evil little mind is reeling, back to the basics.

First a little bit for the beginner.
Make sure that you observe all the standard safety issues when dealing with electricity; know your unit, know your surroundings, know your slave/sub and know yourself. Make sure that you have the unit completely turned off prior to plugging it in, if not you may end up with some shocking results. Always start at the lower settings, as you progress you will want to increase the settings on the unit slowly.

Several things control the strength of the spark; first and foremost the settings on unit itself and the sadist holding the unit control the amount of current being used and or felt.

Most units have a dial that will allow the user to adjust the strength from a mild tingle all the way up to “Wow honey! I didn’t know you were a contortionist.”

Second, the type of electrode you are using and how the electrode is being used can also affect the strength of the spark.
Remember the larger the electrode the milder the spark, so for your first experiment you might want to try the large orb, and then work your way through each electrode. You will notice that each one has a unique feel and properties that are unique, so have fun and experiment.

Third, the distance of the unit from the surface of the skin will affect the strength of the spark itself.
If the electrode is touching the surface of the skin (or clothing) there will be minimal effect. As you move the electrode farther away from the skin the strength of the spark will increase, you will reach a point when the spark cannot travel the distance from the electrode to the surface of the skin. I find the best results between 1/8 and 1/4 inch from the surface of the skin, again I suggest you play with the different distances and explore all the variations.

Fourth, whether you are using the unit on bare skin, or through clothing will also affect the severity of the shock.

Fifth, where you use the violet wand on the human body will also affect the strength.
Let me clarify that statement, using the wand at a low setting on the back will not be to bad…however, using it at the same setting on the head of the penis will be quite dramatic. So even though the setting remains consistent the “apparent” strength of the current has increased exponentially.

Now that you have a general idea of some of the things that can effect the spark and the severity of the current, lets look at how we can best use this information to our advantage.

There are several ways to use the violet wand; direct application, indirect application and reverse application are three primary methods of use.

Direct Application

Direct application is the direct association of a glass or metal electrode from the violet wand to the skin of a slave/sub. This is probably the most frequently used and most basic form of application, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a wide variety of electrodes that can be used with this type of application; each one supplies a unique feel and experience.

Indirect Application

Indirect application is the application of electrical current through the use of an alternative source; in this circumstance I am specifically referring to the inclusion of a body contact probe with your electrical play. When you use a body contact probe the current is transferred from the original source (the wand) into a secondary source (you), at this point the possibilities are multiplying with each click of those sadistic little tumblers in your evil little mind. Not only can the electrical current be directed through your body, (i.e. your hands, fingers, mouth etc) it also includes certain metallic objects that may find their way into your evil little hands. Hence that innocent knife that your slave loves so much may be used in all new inventive ways. Everything from hatpins to window screening has a whole new purpose in life.

Reverse Application

Reverse application is basically where you hot wire your slave/sub up with a body contact probe and make their body the alternative source. You can have them sit on the probe, hold it, or even tape it to them, this way there is good contact between the probe and the slave/sub. Once the probe is secure, now it is time to turn on the probe…and viola… the electric subbie. Any metal object their body comes into contact with will send a plethora of sensations through your slave/sub. So get out the meat cutters chain mail gloves and the banjo picks and have fun; your slave/sub is now electrified from the inside out.

Cool Hints For Hot Times  
One thing that I have found adds a little excitement to your fun time with the violet wand; take and put the metal object you are planning to use…whether it is a Warrensburg wheel a knife or chain mail gloves… into the freezer for a while before you use it. This will create an icy cold sensation to go along with the electric fire. The sensations are fabulous.

Another interesting thing you can do is to run an ice cube over the area where you are going to use the violet wand. Again the multiple sensations are fabulous, but remember that water conducts electricity and so the sensation will be even more dramatic.

Something else to try is wiring two subbies together. Take some metallic thread or wire and intertwine the wire around a few miscellaneous body parts…use your imagination. Now all you have to do is touch the violet wand to the wire, joining the two subbies together and viola… two for the price of one.

One final idea to play with, take and hook up your slave/sub up to a body contact probe as you would with a reverse application. Then have them lay down somewhere convenient, make sure their hands are tied but do not secure them otherwise…you will want them to wiggle for this. Now take several metal washers (easily obtainable from your local hardware store) or metal rings…as long as it will conduct electricity anything will work, and toss them at your slave/sub. Wherever they land, electric shocks will explode and the slave/sub will wiggle about to get the metal washers off. Now to make it a little challenging you can use body paints or a marker to section of areas and create a point system. Like for instance the stomach is 5 points, the leg is 7 points, the breast is 10 points and so on. This is a fun game to play with other Dominants and makes a great game for parties too. The only thing I would like to say is be careful and try and stay below the neck.

There are so many different things you can do with a violet wand the list is truly endless. This is one toy that you will definitely get your money’s worth out of, and have fun doing it. I have only touched on a few ideas, and a few techniques… but for the beginner you have to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid to ask folks questions, normally people are always willing to tell you about their experiences they have had with the violet wand. Share your ideas and have fun…. everyone has something to add and something new that no one else has thought of.

Part V

The Advanced Techniques For The Violet Wand

I begin with a small admonition that anything that I describe within this article is for educational purposes only. Application of electricity in any form to a human body does involve risk, and hence should be preformed by a licensed professional only, or while under the guidance of a trained professional. A title to which I make no claim.
Since the information I share in this article is advanced, I must stress the safety issues involved. The improper use of a violet wand may lead to bruised muscles, burns, injury to internal organs (including the heart), asthma attack, seizures, cardiac arrest, and yes even death. Please do not participate in any electrical play without absolute knowledge of your toys, your partner, your surroundings and your own skill. Safety above all else will allow this to be a wondrous and exhilarating experience.

There are several advanced techniques that may utilize a violet wand; I am only going to cover three of such activities in this article, fire play, branding and needle play.

The violet wand is an excellent addition to fire play and can lead to a whole new arena of fire play, for our little pyromaniacs out there. As with any form of fire play there are certain safety issues that must be observed to avoid injury. No matter how experienced you are or how many times you have done fire play there will always be a need to follow some basic safety procedures.

• The sub/slave should always be nude during a fire play scene. Also make sure that you yourself are not wearing any loose clothing that may accidentally catch on fire such as long flowing sleeves.

• Make sure that his or her hair is also guarded by the use of a welder’s cap or damp towel draped over his or her head. Also if they have any hair spray on their hair, it would be a prudent idea to have them take a shower and wash their hair before you play. Bald may be beautiful, but not when it is by accident.

• Make sure that the Dominant’s hair is secured as well, long or unruly hair can easily get in your way and can catch fire.

• Have a fire extinguisher on hand (and be familiar how to use it) as well as a large cotton towel that is wet.

• Do not do fire play anywhere near a flammable surface. A good idea is to cover any surface where you are going to play with a non flammable fabric, such as a welders blanket…you can buy the material by the yard and create your own fire play table, as well as cover a small amount of the floor underneath your work area with the fire retardant cloth.

• Always do fire play in an area with good ventilation, no matter how well the slave/sub shaves there are always itty-bitty hairs there that you may not see very well, and burning hair is not Channel #5.
• Learn basic first aid and how to recognize and treat injuries, especially first, second and third degree burns.

• Have a glass or bucket of water handy just in case.

• When you are first learning fire play, ALWAYS have someone experience in fire play there with you to help you.

• Have a first aid kit near by, just in case.

Here are a couple of special notes as to the use of alcohol in a fire scene.

1. Remember that alcohol flows downward and fire flows upward, alcohol will pool in lower areas and may create a hazard if its presence is not known of.

2. Use 70% isopropyl RUBBING ALCOHOL (standard rubbing alcohol), 90% isopropyl alcohol burns at a much higher temperature also it is harder to see and therefore harder to control. Also do not use Ethyl alcohol even if it is 70%. Ethyl alcohol is the same grade of alcohol used in drinking alcohol, and hence the body easily absorbs it; in other words your sub/slave could get a little tipsy during your session (although logically it would take quite a bit to cause such an effect).

3. If you use a cotton swab or a ball of cotton that has been dipped in alcohol and clamps to make your trail of alcohol, make sure that you squeeze any excess out of the cotton before you start, you don’t want flaming alcohol to be dripping around where you didn’t intend for it to go.

4. Alcohol may make its way into crevices and cracks, so be careful, if it does make it into a crevice it may cause some fairly serious burns, and it is rather hard to put out.

I have known individuals to use other forms of flammable liquids, however I do not recommend the use of anything other than 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol; the use of any other flammable liquid is purely at your own risk. Please keep in mind that just because a liquid stays lit longer, does not mean the liquid is safe to use on human skin.

Some flammable liquids are quickly absorbed into the skin and hence even momentary contact with the skin can cause some irritation and possible medical issues that you were not expecting. Also if the liquid stays lit longer then evidentially it is harder to put out and hence the risks of burning the individual is increased dramatically.

There are several methods to do fire play with a violet wand, the example I give is one very basic method.

Remember there is no teacher like experience, and there is no experience like a good teacher. So the first thing I would suggest is go and find an individual experienced in fire play and get involved, explore a little, have the individual try it out on you a little…that way you will know how hot it really is, the adrenalin rush and the pure excitement of the experience and be able to share it with your partner when ever you decide to try this on your own.

Getting Started
Make sure you follow all general safety rules for fire play and for electric play both.
•Secure the area around which you wish to do the fire play. By this I mean remove any safety hazards, and have all safety equipment in place just in case.

•Secure the slave/sub. By this I mean have the individual remove all clothing, have his or her hair appropriately protected, and have the individual positioned in a manner that is most comfortable for both individuals. The slave can be sitting… draped over the back of a chair, standing, or laying down… the position of the individual is truly a preference of both individuals involved.

•Make sure there is a third person who is not involved in the scene available to put out a fire or help just incase things get out of hand.

• Prepare your items. Take out a few cotton q-tips, make sure you use the ones without the plastic tubes. Take a small glass container (I use a votive holder) and pour about one inch of alcohol into the container. Have another glass container for the used q-tips. Have a third glass container with a lit votive in it, please use common sense don’t put the lit candle next to the alcohol. Take a large metal container (such as a old coffee can) and fill it about three quarters the way full of water. Have your violet wand sitting ready to use, a distance away from the other items you have set up; you don’t want to have an accident and spill the water or the alcohol on the violet wand.

•The first thing you must do is warm up the slave/sub…sorry about the pun. Take a q-tip and dip it in alcohol, squeeze out any excess. Then light the q-tip with the candle. Run the lit q-tip over the surface that you intend to use for the fire play, do not let the q-tip actually come into contact with the skin. After you run the q-tip over the skin then run your hand over the area…when the surface of the skin begins to feel slightly warm then you may proceed. It may take a few q-tips before you feel comfortable enough to proceed. Dip the burning q-tip in the metal container of water to douse the flame. Then place it in the empty glass container.

•Take a q-tip and dip it into the alcohol, make sure you squeeze out any excess alcohol. Use the q-tip to draw a single line on your slave/sub’s back. Then place the q-tip in the empty glass container.

•With your stronger hand (I am right handed, so for me this means my right hand) and pick up the violet wand. Get the wand close enough to the line of alcohol to create a spark between the violet wand and the alcohol. What happens next is very quick so be prepared for it. The alcohol fumes will ignite and the line of alcohol will be on fire.

•Quickly use your weaker hand (for me it would be my left hand) and brush the flames away. I simply run my hand across the skin where ever the fire is. If you do it quickly you will put out the fire and you run very little risk of burning yourself. It is normally very easy to disrupt the oxygen flow of the fire; hence the fire is easily put out.
•Repeat the process a few times, trying different designs. Occasionally feel the skin of the sub/slave to ensure that the skin has not gotten over heated or damaged in any manner.

•Try to keep your first experience with fire play and the violet wand to a minimal amount of time and do not over do it.

•Dowse any used q-tips in water before discarding them. Make sure you secure your area and properly discard or reseal any unused flammables.

•Normally I put aloe Vera on the skin of the slave/sub after I have done a fire scene, it cools the skin and puts back some of the moisture that the alcohol may have removed.
Some problems you might incur and how to fix the problems

Violet wand not igniting the alcohol…
• Wand is not close enough, or two close to the source to create an appropriate spark. Check the different distances and see what is appropriate.    
• Alcohol was allowed to set to long and has evaporated. Reapply the alcohol, and do not allow it to set for so long.
• The setting on the violet wand is too low, and cannot create the spark necessary. Increase the setting on the violet wand.

The skin getting red or blisters appearing
• The individual is having an allergic reaction to the flammable liquid you are using. Try using another recommended flammable liquid, if the individuals skin is too sensitive I do not recommend continuing with fire play.
• The fire was allowed to stay burning too long. Do not allow the fire to remain on the slave/sub for so long. The best rule of thumb, is the count of three, do not let the flame stay in contact with the individual for more than three seconds.
• The flammable liquid you are using burns at a higher temperature than recommended and is burning the skin of the slave/sub even if there is only a minimal amount of actual burn time. Use 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

There are other general problems that might occur, and sometimes accidents can happen. For more detailed information and instructions on burn safety and treatment please review Shocking! Absolutely Shocking II, it has a very thorough section on burn recognition and treatment. If you use every precaution to make sure that you know what you are doing, and play as safely as possible then this will turn out to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.  My recommendation for everyone is to do extensive research on fire play before you try it, the best safety equipment you can have is knowledge.


Branding, not just for cattle any more. That’s right branding is becoming a new fad…or perhaps it is a re-emergence of an old and sacred tradition of self actualization that was once popular within primitive cultures, perhaps it is even the allure of the self-punishment that was deemed as cruel and unusual by all “civilized” societies in the mid 1800’s. Whatever the case branding has reemerged as a unique and fascinating form of body art/modification.

I won’t go into a lot of detail of this fascinating art form but I do urge each of you that are considering doing a branding to do a little research on your own. My experience in branding is quite limited, the vast majority of experience I personally have is with the use of a cauterizing pen, hence the information I am going to share with you is a combination of my own experience as well as research I have gathered through reading and asking individuals experienced in this fascinating art.

There are several different types of brands…strike brands, both multi strike branding and single strike branding, there is also cautery branding and cold branding, what I will discuss in this article is electric branding.

Branding with the violet wand is indeed quite possible, in fact even if you do not intend to leave a permanent mark on the skin sometimes it does indeed happen. The brand made with a violet wand can be more intense than other forms of brands, due to the fact that these types of brands take longer to complete.

Branding with the violet wand is a fairly simple process, it is done in a rather similar fashion as to Hyfricater branding, where small amounts of electricity is used to cauterize the skin and hence form a brand.

When you do a brand please keep in mind that you are intentionally burning the individual, you must use caution as to not go to deep or to cause undo injury to the individual. It is best to only do violet wand branding on individuals that are familiar with the violet wand, the shocking feel and sounds a violet wand makes can be surprising and may cause the individual to jerk and an inopportune time.

Use the general cautions that you normally use with the violet wand.

Violet wand branding is the use of a high concentration of the violet wands energy focused in as narrow a band as possible. For the best effect I suggest the utilization of a small dental pick, as the focal point.

How to Brand
1. Clean the area where you intend to do the brand and allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Transfer the pattern you wish to brand directly onto the skin, this may be done free hand, or by the use of transfer paper. A good technique is to copy the pattern onto mimeograph paper, cover the area with a thin layer of Mennen speed stick, then press the transfer onto the skin, take the Mennen again and rub across the transfer. Once it is completely saturated gently remove the transfer. If any lines did not get transferred completely you may wish to use a tattoo pen to fill in the spaces. (don’t ask me why the Mennen works it just does, and it is the only one that will work, as far as I know).

3. Secure the body contact probe in place. It is best to secure it in such a manner as to leave your hands free.

4. It is best to use a pre-packaged sterile dental pick (all metal of course). Two quick hints at this point. Do not soak your instruments in alcohol and pick them up dripping with alcohol and begin doing a brand, it will be your hand that is branded not your subject. Also several of the pre-sterile instruments that you can purchase from medical/dental supply stores are primarily plastic with a metal tip, this will not conduct the electric current hence it will be useless, you need to have an all metal instrument.

5. Do not stretch the skin when you are doing a branding, it may make the brand turn out lop sided or misshaped. Also I highly suggest the use of latex gloves for this procedure.

6. You will want to start the brand at the top, if the brand is intricate you may need to do the brand in more than one session, or at least allow the victim a short break in between sessions. I normally start on the top left and work my way across the surface, but it honestly depends on the location and the intricacy of the brand.

7. Try and maintain a constant gap between the subject and the instrument this will result in a uniform application of the wand. You will probably have to go over the brand several times to get the desired effect. The number of times you go over the design is directly proportionate to the depth of the burn. Normally a brand such as this will last between 1 and 6 weeks depending on the number of times you go over the brand.

8. After you have finished the brand gently clean the area with a mild anti-bacterial or anti-microbial soap and place sterile gauze over the brand, securing it in place with paper tape, do not bind the area too tightly as it may cause complication later.

Getting a good brand is a combination of the skill of the artist and his or her tools, and the genetics of the subject. Individuals with different skin tones and genetics tend to scar or keloid differently. While these factors make up about 80% of the total, the other 20% involves after care.

After Care:
• After you remove the original gauze clean the area with mild anti-bacterial soap and cover with anti bacterial ointment. Recover the brand with sterile dressing.

• After three days of using ointment, switch to Hydrogen Peroxide Three times a day. Some professionals disagree with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide as it can do more damage than good to the surrounding tissue…I suggest you may wish to contact a medical professional to get his or her professional advice.

• After seventy-two hours it is no longer necessary to keep the brand covered. But you can if you like.

• Do not pick scabs. Use hot water in the shower to evenly remove them if desired. Follow with Hydrogen Peroxide.
• A multi-vitamin should be taken following the manufacturers directions.

• Most brands take from three to twelve weeks to heal.

• Be careful and gentle.

These are the general safety instruction given whenever someone gets a brand from a professional. However many individuals want the brand to get irritated in order to produce a more impressive scar.

• Lemon juice (mild irritant)

• Vinegar (medium irritant)

• Epson salt (harsh irritant)

These are three things that have been suggested to use to get that additional effect, however whenever you use an irritant you run the risk of infection. Some individuals pick the scab from the brand, however by doing this your increase the risk of tearing the edges and blurring the lines of the brand.

Hint: The smell of burning flesh will be the most distracting part; some individuals prefer to have the subject to shave the area, to help cut down on the burning hair odor. But the best thing I can suggest is to get some strong incense going before hand that will help counter act the stench.
Hint:Avoid using patterns that have enclosed designs, for example circles…these may have complications that are inconvenient.

Hint: The final scar tissue will be approximately two to three times as wide as the original brand.

Hint: It is completely normal for a brand to excrete a clear fluid, for at least the first two to three days. If the fluid is yellow, green or off color, if it has an odor, or if the excretion continues for an extended amount of time…it may be wise to contact a medical professional.

I presume that if you are attempting to do needle play with the violet wand that you have at least a moderate amount of experience in both areas. If you do not have experience with needles, do not jump head first into the shallow end, and try and the combined techniques. I would suggest that unless you have several months worth of experience with needle play that you put this little adventure off until such time as you can safely proceed.

When you combine needles and the violet wand you are taking needle play to a whole new arena of adventure. However, if not done properly it may produce some nasty burns and permanent damage. Use common sense above all else, do your research and ask questions of others. Don’t think that just because you read one article that you can go out and make someone look like a porcupine then light him or her up like a Christmas tree.

Needle play in itself is a fine art and is exhilarating by itself, but when you add the use of a violet wand to this glorious art form it is transformed into a realm of the bizarre and twisted (which I must state at this point is a not a bad thing).

Please follow all needle safety rules, as well as the general violet wand safety rules.

The techniques you use when combining needle play with electric play does differ from how you would normally use the violet wand. Most individuals have been trained to keep the electrical current of the violet wand away from any piercings or body jewelry on their subject, due mainly to running the risk of seriously burning the individual.
I recommend between 20-25 gauge for this activity. I also prefer to use between 1 and 1 ½ inch needles, unless I am using acupuncture needles of course. Some people prefer to use the ½ inch needles and simply stick them straight in, normally in the fleshy part of the buttocks or the breasts. I prefer to use a 1 ½ inch needle and thread it through the skin, this can be done anywhere you can pinch the skin. I would recommend for your first attempt at this type of play you should try a arrangement of between four and six needles using the simple sideways insertion technique

Needles are normally purchased sterile, ready for immediate use. However, they are designed for one time use only, do not reuse a needle, even on the same individual…why risk infection if it isn’t necessary, besides needles don’t cost that much.

Whenever you pierce the skin you run the risk of blood born pathogens, always use every precaution at your disposal. Use rubber gloves at all times, preferably double glove.

Once the needles are in place, you are halfway there. I would suggest the larger orb electrode for this process; it will have the mildest effect. I also suggest that you start at the lower settings, this is not like when you normally play…a very low setting will still be felt. If you are unsure about the proper setting I suggest trying it out on yourself first before you attempt it on someone else.

Start by working the area surrounding the needle, giving mild shocks in the near vicinity but not directly to the needle itself. After you have gotten the individual well prepared, then cautiously move closer to the piercing. Once you have gotten within range of the needle, give it one or two quick hits with the wand, but do not allow the wand to remain in place for more than a second or two. Judge by your subject’s reaction as to how long you can leave the wand in place and what degree of strength to maintain. For the first try do not allow the direct use of the wand to the needles to be for more than a three to five minutes, the metal conducts electricity quite well, it also heats up very quickly…this is how some individuals can get burned if caution is not used.

If the skin becomes red or irritated around the needle, stop immediately.

When you have finished the scene gently remove the needles. Use extra care; the skin may be damaged around the area of the needle. If the needle is very difficult to remove, try turning the needle slowly, sometimes the skin can sear to the needle and prevent its removal. Clean the surface of the skin as you normally would, make sure that you pay special attention to all puncture sites and the areas around them. If the skin appears to be reddened or burned, follow basic first aid for mild or 1st degree burns. If you have any questions about this please consult Shocking! Absolutely Shocking! Part II for complete burn safety and first aid.

Dispose of all used needles in a proper sharps container.

The above techniques I have presented are not for the beginner or the novice, they are advanced techniques. I do not recommend the exploration of any advanced technique unless you have the assistance of an experienced individual that you trust. Above all else remember that knowledge is the bets safety equipment we have.
Below are some great sites that you will find useful if you wish to learn more about the different techniques I have mentioned or any other technique involving the violet wand.

Dangers and Safety within the BDSM Realm

Branding Aftercare

Special Care for Branding

Violet Wand Techniques

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The Website Guide to The Violet Wand

• Rubert Huse and Sons
Current manufacture of the Violet Wand

• Electrodes and Antique Wands For Sale
One of the best selections of electrodes I have ever seen.

• Baar Products
Current manufacturer of Violet Ray

• Violet Wand
Violet Wand sales

• Eclectic Electric
Violet Wand sales

• Westcom
Electrical toy sales

• Master High Frequency
Violet Wand Manufacturer and Sales, best prices I have found yet.

• Violet wand information page
Information and techniques on violet wand us

• JT’s Stockroom
Interesting toys including violet wands

• Violet Wand and Other High Frequency Quack Devices
Excellent selection of electrodes and historical information

• Wicket Wench
Excellent set of electrical toys and accessories

These are only a few of the wonderful sites available on the Internet, there are several more and I encourage everyone to explore as many sites as possible. Every site has something new and different to offer, so have fun and explore to your sadistic little minds content.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest.
~ Norische

More of her writings can be found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Norisches_Quill/?yguid=99788111 in the files section. 

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