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Total Time


Start with mild but ouchy stimulation building slowly to a mild peak over a five minute period. Climax this with a limit-pushing peak of intensity lasting 10-15 seconds.

Pull the intensity way down and spend ten minutes performing relatively moderate stimulation (of any kind) to induce the body to create the next load of endorphins.





Build again slowly over a five minute period to a finishing peak climax lasting 10-15 seconds (up to 30 seconds max.)

Again pull the intensity down to a relatively moderate level for ten minutes (relative to your more intense period a while ago) as the body again produces another load of endorphins.





Slowly build the climax again over five minutes to a 10-30 second peak period of edge-pushing stimulation.

Pull down the intensity again but constantly apply stimulation for another 10 minute period.




Five minute slow build up to 15-30 second intense peak.

Now fairly intense but still relatively moderate stimulation for ten minutes.





Final 5-minute build up to a very intense, edge-pushing peak (Note: also producing much adrenalin to be dealt with in aftercare).


Aftercare: ESSENTIAL!

Wrap bottom in a blanket, as they will get chilly as the endorphins and adrenalin throw off the bottom's internal 'thermostat' a bit. Provide aftercare for 10 to 30 minutes, talking the bottom through the adrenalin "crash" (like a coffee jag) instructing them to relax, and to keep on relaxing until they have "fallen through" the crash to the point where the endorphin level at last overwhelms the adrenalin stimulation. (ie., until the adrenalin has burned-off.)

Apply further cuddling, or leave your warmly wrapped bottom in a comfortable place to float for about an hour or two. (Unlike adrenalin, endorphins burn off very slowly!)

This process can be sped up if in a hurry by shortening the 10-minute spans to 7 minutes of moderate stimulation and the intense periods to 3 minute instead of 5 minute builds, saving 5 minutes per level (after level 1) for a Total Time of 43 minutes. Anything quicker will not work satisfactorly, because you never would have given the body the chance to produce the fresh quantity of endorphins needed for each level.