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By kevsfrannie

Frannie looked at the breast forms Kev had given him, and shook his head slowly. They will fit my bra perfectly, he admitted.  He couldn’t believe that he had gotten used to saying "my bra."  Keverly had broken him in to wearing it.  She had, in fact, broken him in to the bra, the panties, the shaved legs, the painted toenails - and now was adding the breast forms as the latest of his humiliations. He didn’t protest, mainly because he had learned that protest simply added to the time he must spend in his chastity device.

The chastity device had started this whole thing for them. The degradation and the humiliating situations all stemmed from his wearing that damned cage. The device itself was simple enough. Kev had built it for him Herself.  It consisted of a hard, clear acrylic tube that fitted over frannie’s penis.  Rings just behind the head, and at the base, kept it from being able to slide off. The tube and the rings kept the poor penis from becoming erect.  Another ring was fitted snugly around the testicle sack, a small chain joined them, and a tiny lock kept it all on.  She had the key. He had “earned the right” to wear the device by initially agreeing to do so.  In fact, he had first suggested chastity play a few months after they had begun to experiment together with various forms of BDSM to spice up their sex life.  He had quickly gravitated toward the submissive role – the “bottom.”  So he had walked into this whole thing with his eyes open. Keverly had simply agreed to offer him his greatest fantasies – She still had all his voluminous notes and stories and messages to prove it – and he had jumped at the chance.  “Craved” and “begged,” to be precise.

At the beginning they had played with light bondage, taking turns holding one another, for example, with wrists lightly tied to their bedposts. Early orgasm denial games were reciprocal, and mild.  These ventures were okay for Her, but no big deal. She had no idea, at first – neither one of them did, really - that Frank was the one who desired to be controlled.  She found that he sometimes masturbated after sitting in front of their computer – something She hated, wanting all his orgasms to be shared for Her pleasure, too.  It came to a head one night when Kev wanted sex but Frank was unable to reach an erection.  She knew he had been in the computer room that evening and had wasted his sexual energy looking at that screen, and She was pissed. She did some snooping around in their computer and discovered that it was female domination and male chastity sites that he frequented. Her own husband evidently wanted a woman to lock up his penis.  My God! Further reading of letters from wives and "keyholders" extolled the virtues of a chaste male submissive. They were supposed to be very attentive and eager to please their women: they would give oral sex willingly, clean house, give pedicures and other personal care to their keepers.

"I could learn to like that," Kev thought, and when She presented the idea to Frannie she couldn’t believe how quickly he went for it. It may have helped that She told him, "If you keep wasting your dick by whacking off you won’t be getting any sex from me anyway, so you might as well live your dreams."

It took Her about two weeks to get the device right. Frannie had to endure numerous humiliating and uncomfortable fittings. Keverly, soon to be his “keyholder,” seemed to have a great time engineering Her frannie’s emasculation. To Frannie’s great surprise, if frequent embarrassment – for example, he was unable to pee standing up, like a normal man, while wearing the device, so he could only relieve himself by sitting down at a toilet, like a girl – still, on balance he seemed to enjoy it also. After a few prototypes,  Kev’s refined device could be locked into place so that he was unable to remove it without Her.  Her creation worked well.  (Later he’d come to realize the PA and frenum piercings made it work too well.)

The penis remained restrained all that week.  Kev had said "we’ll do it for one week, cockless one - then we will let it out."  But some mistakes and anger on his part had added time to that. A week was over, but now still had nine more days more to go. Kev broke him to a sheath that would allow him to penetrate Her and fill up Her Cunt without defeating the device’s complete denial of his manly pleasure - all it took was a two-day reduction in sentence time and he agreed.  Since erection was impossible Her frannie was essentially useless as a man when he wore it. The sheath allowed Her to claim the cock as Her property now – no longer his.  It might be useless to him, but She would enjoy it at will.  It bore a humiliating bit of feminine artwork, decorated with delicate lace designs that ran its full length so that, when worn, the penis looked smaller, even dainty. "A girly little Giggles," She called it, and he was instructed to call it that, too, from now on. Soon She began to shave away the hair that surrounded the penis until, all in all, She had successfully feminized Her frannie’s genitals  Frannie’s girly little Giggles was let out thirteen days after its first encasement, as Kev had to make sure She’d be able to get Giggles back into the device.

Before long Keverly introduced the collar to frannie.  She had taken one of their dog’s large dog collars and mounted a ring in it. The ring could be at the front of the neck, or the back of it. She could use the collar to attach a lead so she could lead frannie around.  She could amuse Herself at his expense by hooking the chastity device to the collar with a length of chain.  But more importantly, Kev could attach frannie’s hands to the ring, so that when She removed the device it would be impossible for him to overcome Her when reattachment time came around.

Kev wondered if frannie might still be able to masturbate with his hands clipped to his neck collar.  She figured he would just have to rub against something, like a foot, or a pair of panties, for instance.  Frannie would be so desperate he would find a way, and it would be fun to watch.  She Decided to release Giggles one Sunday afternoon and left frannie free until 7 PM, with unlimited masturbatory freedom until his time was up. The only condition was that She would personally witness each ejaculation. When the penis was freed it erected immediately, and She had frannie remove Her shoes with his clipped hands and use Her feet to rub against Giggles for sexual pleasure.  She imagined inviting Her friend Idalia, whom had until recently worked for her husband, over to their house to watch this disgusting display as they ran a hilarious string of commentary about it.  

After this foot-induced one, any additional orgasms would have to be asked for.  Frannie would come to Keverly that afternoon, kneel and beg to ejaculate.  She thought that was a nice twist on his former habit. Frannie was kept naked the whole time that day, and managed to ejaculate using a folded pillow, a stuffed animal, and a padded a chair leg, before She did it for him a final time, then put Her Giggles away again.

The next Sunday, with Idalia present as a hidden audience, frannie repeated a similarly pathetic display.  Then Idalia showed herself, Kev took frannie’s credit card, and the two laughing ladies went to dinner while frannie pondered his fate.  That was the night Kev told him She would begin breaking him into panties. frannie had had enough, and balked at the panty wearing.  he told Her he would not wear Her panties, and had decided he wanted out of the chastity device, to. She told him he would be wearing his own panties, and the device would stay - in fact his little outburst meant it would be staying on for three more weeks!

The denial of orgasm was difficult, doing without sex was difficult dreadful, but frannie hadn’t considered in advance what the denial of an erection would be like.  He so much wanted to get hard, to feel the stiffness of a good hard penis, so manly, so strong -- he just wanted to get hard, to feel that manly swell.  But Kev had other thoughts, and had already scheduled an appointment for his piercings.  This was no fleeting fad.

Kev lopped a day off from his next encagement to begin breaking him in to shaved legs.  Not much later, for the privilege of a mere two extra collared hours out of the device, She started breaking him into toenail polish. She and Idalia, who had this time brought her roommate Chuck over to enjoy the display, had frannie dress in shorts, sandals and a tee shirt just a bit too small for him, and dropped him off at a nail salon with instructions to "make them as red as red gets."  They took his credit card and had a nice lunch, while he was left to chat with the girl who gave him his first pedicure. He didn’t like it, and was determined that nobody was going to see his toes, his panties or his shaved legs. When Kev broke him into stockings he worried what someone would see when he crossed his legs.  On a Sunday soon after, Idalia told frannie that, far different than boss/worker, she felt they were “more like girlfriends now."

The bra was next, to be worn at all times, Kev told him, and he knew people would see it under his shirts. She walked over to the calendar, taking up Her marker to add time to his chastity sentence, and he quickly reversed himself and asked Her, "May i please wear a bra?" "Of course you can wear a bra, sweetheart,” She responded.  “We’ll get you some today."  That afternoon frannie stood on the coffee table and turned around slowly so that Kev and Idalia and Chuck could all enjoy seeing how nice he now looked. His breasts were called "pert” and “perky” and even “proud."  

As Idalia stepped out to take a phonecall, Chuck sat with Keverly on the couch, and his arm slipped down over Her shoulder.  Kev kicked off Her shoes and placed Her feet on the table, Her smooth and slender legs boasting the awesome mole below Her knee that had long been a special source of sexual excitement to frannie.  Frannie couldn’t help but look at those legs he found so sexy!  Gawd, he wanted to make love to Her right now, to let his penis spring free, to feel it get hard, to feel it enter the velvety softness of Her vagina.  But he was horrified to interrupt this image with one of Chuck making love to Her instead.  He had noticed they had been becoming good friends in recent weeks, but he was afraid to ask Kev about it, and afraid of making her mad.  Idalia was nowhere in sight, and Chuck was suggesting that frannie might need to start wearing blouses now instead of men’s shirts.  Kev put Her hand on Chuck’s leg and laughingly agreed.  “That would be nice, wouldn’t it, fluffy frannie?” With a weak smile frannie just said "yes."

Frannie now had to start working in his office, going out to do errands, yardwork etc., all while wearing his new breasts.  He usually wore them in a white bra, with a cute little red heart between the cups, and over his darling bra he wore women’s button down blouses, tucked into women’s slacks, without pockets.

Week after week Kev continued to break Her frannie in: a narrow ladies’ belt, microfiber loafers with one and one half stacked heels, nude knee high stockings, a red and navy women’s wide tie. Sometimes over the blouse he wore a navy blazer.  His Wife transferred all his personal items, and a few new ones, to a small tan shoulder bag.  She had his ears pierced, and before long he wore gold studs in those ears, clear nails polish, a ladies’ watch, a gold tone bangle bracelet. His lips were given just a touch of pink gloss, his cheeks a hint of color, his eyes a dose of mascara.

Frannie didn’t feel good about his looks at all. He looked like a sissy, and he could no longer get hard.  He sighed as he got into the passenger side of his wife’s car for a trip to the supermarket.  She dropped him off to shop, said “I’ll see you after a while,” and drove off.  Shopping went well, the store was nearly empty and he seemed to go unnoticed, but in the checkout line the clerk – Sheryl, per her nametag - said “Let’s have look at those, Cupcake. What are they -- about a B cup?"  Frannie’s jaw dropped: my Gawd, she knows!  "Come on, let’s see them."  As frannie stood there nonplussed, Sheryl the clerk smiled at him sweetly, reached over and untied frannie’s tie, unbuttoned four buttons of frannie’s blouse, retied the tie around frannie’s bare neck and turned it a little off center. She laid the collar of his shirt outside his jacket, looked at her handiwork and nodded.  Then she reached into her pocket and took out a lipstick. Frannie said "no," but she went ahead anyway and did Frannie’s lips in red. She added blush to his cheeks, mascara to his eyes, said “Get your purse and follow me.” Like a broken man he followed her out of the checkout line to the store’s breakroom.  

A few more female workers there had been watching through their one-way window and, as frannie stepped inside they stood up and applauded, some gave him girlfriend hugs, they asked him about his shoes, his breasts and those cute slacks. Frannie and his new girlfriends all left the building together. One girl had engaged Frannie in a conversation about handbags. Frannie’s wife had returned and was waiting in the car for Her feminized husband to appear, when She saw the group of young ladies approaching with Her sissy husband. She was delighted by this turn of events, and saw it as an opportunity to escalate Her own plans.

Back home Kev sat in the chair that used to be his recliner. She was naked from the waist down, and Her frannie’s head was deep in Her crotch.  His hands cradled her buttocks. He had gotten very good at this task by now, and used his tongue in quick short darting stabs, then took long slow full length licks, lifting Her beautiful bottom and kissing the area between Her asshole and vagina.  Then he would move to the rosebud of her anus and use his tongue or nose to add to Her pleasure. Back to her vagina he would suck and swallow any juices. She had already had three shuddering orgasms. He would bring her to one more hard one, then bring her down slowly until she was back to earth. Without being told he would then drop to her feet and begin a long, slow foot and toe mouth massage, finishing up with a foot and calf rub. He loved to serve Keverly like this, loved to feel Her shudder under the ministrations of his tongue. He felt almost like a man when he serviced his Beautiful Wife this way.  (And he always held out the hope that Kev would allow him sexual intercourse with Her – although She hadn’t, at least not yet.)

Kev had, in fact, been using the promise of rare relief from confinement in the chastity device to leverage Her sissy husband’s descent into ever more profound feminization. She con tinued to use the piercings on Her Cock in conjunction with various locking devices to keep the chastity cage in place.  But She was also, quite deliberately, “gifting” Her frannie with increasingly thicker “jewelry” to wear in the piercings.  These, of course, in conjunction with Her various little locks, attached the chastity cage to Her girly little Giggles.  It was only a matter of time before She would render his emasculation permanent.  The hassle of locking and unlocking would recede into memory when her husband’s transformation became complete.  She was moving decisively, and faced one final decision that seemed mostly anticlimactic – should She render his chastity permanent with his conscious awareness, or should he, instead, simply wake up one day to discover the lock gone, but the cage still anchored securely to the piercings’ jewelry?   

Kev patted her frannie’s head when She wanted him up. He knelt in front of Her, his eyes looking at Her beautiful feet, and sneaking an occasional glance the incredible mole on Her knee, at the other moles on Her smooth, thin legs.  Kev spoke to him with kindness. "This is all very hard for you, isn’t it, my sissy frannie?" she asked.  "Yes, Sweetheart, i don’t even feel like a man anymore.  The girls at the Food Lion think of me as one of them…. And i think Chuck has taken my place in our bed,” he ventured. "Oh, sissy frannie," she said "My poor, poor frannie.  Chuck and I aren’t emotionally involved with each other.  True, he does have a cock, unlike you, but Chuck is gay, you silly girl.  Look, frannie: I think you are very, very cute.  Chuck is attracted to you, and he likes men." Somehow that didn’t make Frannie feel any better.

Keverly had done some research, and She invited Idalia and Chuck over the night She decided to introduce prostate milking to Her frannie.  She had frannie kneel on the coffee table, a folded towel spread in front of his bound penis. In deference to their company She put on latex gloves, took a gob of KY jelly and inserted two fingers into her frannie’s rectum.  Frannie was suffering abject humiliation at this public treatment.  But before long he began to ejaculate, but completely without any feeling of it other than of having something penetrating his asshole and the dripping from girly little Giggles.  His cheeks burned with shame when his Wife pronounced the milking through, gave Her frannie the soiled glove and, with a swat on his rear, sent him to clean up.

In time Kev Decided to teach Her frannie how to do his own milkings.  To facilitate that She had a small ivory phallus that frannie could use to penetrate himself.  She brightly said, "Now you can do it anytime you want, frannie.  All you have to do is ask me, first."  Frannie was too embarrassed to ask for the ivory phallus for about two weeks.  When he finally did so, Kev was all smiles. Soon frannie began to get small pleasure from his self-penetration, but this of course added to his own sense of humiliation – and the fact that his Wife knew it, each and every time, only added to it.  Strangely, he felt closer and closer to Her the more shameful he felt.  Keverly always reminded him She loved nothing more than to provide him the fantasy he had craved for so long.  One day soon after, it happened. Frannie was moving the small ivory penis in and out one day when he had a magnificent orgasm. A great, shuddering feminine orgasm.  Frannie had hit his G spot!

Frannie was now hooked, and while he was embarrassed to keep asking Kev for the little dildo, he needed this sex real bad. One day, frannie got home from running some shopping errands for Kev.  He had on a cute sundress with flat white sandals.  He was bare legged and had gotten a pedicure while he was out. Kev had done a little shopping of Her own while frannie was gone.  When he came home she motioned him to the bedroom, striped him to his bra, clipped his hands to the collar, and released his penis. She had him kneel on the bed head down, and he felt the KY being applied to his ass. She tapped frannie’s shoulder, and he turned to see his Magnificent Wife wearing a new strap-on dildo. Without a word she got behind her sissy husband and mounted him. Before She was through She had thoroughly used him.  He had multiple orgasms that day, and he screamed and he begged Her for more. When they left the bedroom frannie positively glided, and he knelt at Kev’s side, kissed Her shoes, and suggested that he start wearing dresses when working in the garden. He gazed at His Wife with the adoration of a puppy, and She kissed his forehead and said, "All broken in now."  When Her frannie fell asleep that night, beaming, his Happy Wife called gay Chuck and said, “OK, I’m ready.”  Her smile matched frannie’s when She finally snuggled in against Her cockless husband’s sissy little ass before sunrise.  That morning shared a bed, wide smiles, blissful sex hangovers, and the very same dream scene: featuring Chuck’s cock, Kev’s twat, frannie’s ass -and was that Idalia’s voice on the phone, somewhere in the background?