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Prohibited Play
Regardless of the venue, FAD never allows:

  • Play involving those under 21 years of age
  • Play involving animals
  • Scat (feces) play
  • Firearm/gun play, or play involving realistic firearm replicas

General Rules

  • You must be over 21 to attend, no exceptions!
  • Each person attending will read and sign a waiver of liability if you have not already done so.  We renew our waivers annually. 
  • No drugs or alcohol will be allowed during the FAD party.
  • No guns or firearms or authentic replicas of firearms will be allowed.
  • All play must be Safe, Sane and Consenual between all parties.
  • Smoking will be permitted in designated areas only (generally outside).
  • No pictures or cameras allowed unless express permission has been granted by the FAD Officers and all parties in the photo have granted consent as well. Please respect the privacy and need for discretion of others.
  • No prostitution, solicitation or negotiation for sexual services will  be tolerated. This is illegal! We welcome pro-Dommes in our organization, but their attendance at FAD must be social in nature and not part of any paid client session.
  • The DM (Dungeon Monitor) must have access to all scenes/play. Doors must be left open to all play areas. Generally, the Officers of FAD will be sharing DM duty at our events. You may always contact any FAD Officer at any time if you have questions or concerns. If safety or adherence to rules appear to not be in accordance, a FAD DM has ultimate power to temporarily suspend and or permanently stop any scene.
  • Improper behavior at the event will be addressed by the Officers.
  • Have fun, even if it hurts!

eventsF.A.D. socials are for Female-identifying persons in a Dominant role. If they choose, females may be in a submissive or switch role.  Male-identifying persons must be in a submissive or bottom until the FAD party is over.  Adherence to this role is mandatory.

Our attire requirements are fairly open.  At our monthly social you might see folks dressed in a variety of ways... fetish, casual, formal, etc...even nudity is acceptable...or a bow tie with jeans.... Upon arrival if you are in fetish wear or nude, please remember to be covered until admittance to the party space.  Let's not expose the hostess' neighbors to our kink.

Each FAD social is different in its theme and some rules may vary based on the venue. Please be sure to read each month's social invitation and announcements completely to see if there are any particular rules or changes pertaining to the event. 

Be aware that you may see MANY kinds of play!  The most important thing to remember is, if something is not to your liking, it still might be someone else's kink. If you are uncomfortable, just simply go to another room and see something different...or have a snack, or join in a conversation in the social area.  We do not want to offend anyone!

F.A.D. does not provide any implements or toys for play.  Therefore, if you anticipate wanting to play, remember to bring your toy bag! Never touch or use another person's toys  without specific permission from that person.  Also, you might want to bring your own blanket for aftercare. If you are nude and wish to sit down, please have a towel, blanket or other barrier to place under yourself.

Most important things to bring: A sense of humor, common courtesy and your imagination!

Types of Play Allowed

All BDSM play must be Safe, Sane and Consensual and RACK. Additional guidelines about scenes will be covered during new member orientation. Any restrictions that vary by venue will be listed in that month's social party invitation.

If you are going to do any sort of edge play or a heavy scene, such as cuttings, fireplay, etc., please alert a F.A.D. Officer before you begin so we may arrange Dungeon Monitor coverage and ensure proper supplies and/or first aid items are available in case of emergency. Your scene may be interrupted if you do not follow this guideline before beginning a heavy scene!

FAD play can always include:

  • Servitude of all forms
  • Body worship & massages
  • Spanking, to include any spanking device or by hand
  • Flogging, Caning and other percussive play
  • Singletails & whips 
  • Electricity and Violet Wands (please discuss with DM first)
  • Bondage, to include cuffs, rope, wrap of varying forms, scarfs, etc.
  • Hoods, mask, blindfolds, gags
  • Collars, leashes
  • Crossdressing
  • CBT (Cock & Ball Torture)
  • Nipple play

In designated areas ONLY
, we may at times allow:

  • Sexual Scenes
  • Fire Play
  • Knife Play and Cuttings
  • Needles and other Bloodplay
  • Golden Showers