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Hello and Welcome to (FAD), which stands for Female Artists of Domination! We hope you will enjoy being a part of this wonderful, unique group and will find opportunities to participate to get the full benefit from it. Hopefully our offline get togethers will interest you as well, they are memorable, to say the least!

Learn more about the officers of FAD. They are here to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them on Fetlife!

Mistress Nev
Goddess Char

FAD currently conducts an "official" orientation, held just prior to the meeting on the third Saturday of each month at 7 pm. Orientation is not designed to be an "impress the Dominant" thing nor do we expect you to follow any formal protocol. If you haven’t attended a FAD event, please RSVP for the next orientation.

mistressnevNev is a dominant that lives in North Carolina. She, along with a few other special people in her life, form NevCo. She has been active in the lifestyle since 2001 when she realized that her ‘perversions’ were actually normal and shared by many others. She is self-described as an exhibitionist and loves to play in public. Nev cherishes the act of kneeling, appreciating and respecting its symbolism within a D/s dynamic.

Nev is Emeritus Administrator on http://bdsmtasks.org/tasks/, is the official graphic designer, Web Mistress and member of the Triangle Munch Group, and an officer for FAD, Female Artists of Domination. She also is in Wingnut Herd. A pony group based out of NC.  Nev is proud to have worked as a SELF Board Member from 2009 through 2015. She is co-owner of a print and web design business. She proudly boasts that her greatest accomplishment is her two children, ages 26 and 28.